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Volume I
Southern Brazilian Coastal Dunes: Movement and Structures
J. J. Bigarella, A.H. da F. Klein, J.T. Menezes, and G. Vintém
The Coastal Zone of Brazil: An verview
José Maria Landim Dominguez
Abstracted Modelling as a Tool for Understanding and Predicting Coastal Morphodynamics
D.A. Huntley, G. Coco, and T.J.O’Hare
Morphodynamics of Coastal Inlets and Tidal Lagoons
Marcel J.F. Stive
Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Its Measurement and Influence on the Coastal Zone
W.C. Burnett, H. Dulaiova, C. Stringer, and R.Peterson
Oil Spills: Impacts, Recovery and Remediation
Erich R. Gundlach
Erosion in the Brazilian Coastal Zone: An Overview
Dieter Muehe
Developing Coastal Video Monitoring Systems in Support of Coastal Zone Management
M.A. Davidson, S.G.J. Aarninkhof, M. Van Koningsveld, and R.A. Holman
Beach Nourishment Magnitudes and Trends in the U.S.
Thomas J. Campbell and Lindino Benedet
Restoration of Isles Dernieres, Louisiana: Some Reflections on Morphodynamic Approaches in the Northern Gulf of Mexico to Conserve Coastal/Marine Systems
S. M. Khalil and D. M. Lee
Sand Beach Ridges: Definitions and Re-Definition
Patrick Hesp
Algal Blooms in the Coastal Zones: Examples of Harmful Impacts from the Brazilian Coast
Luis Antonio de Oliveira Proença
Towards the Development of Regional Environmental Monitoring Systems to Ensure Sustainable Development of the Aquaculture Industry
Anthony C. Cheshire
Lessons Learned from South Africa´s Coastal Policy Experience
Bruce Glavovic
Comparison of Tropical Barrier Island Chains on Leading Edge (Colombia) and Trailing Edge (Brazil) Coasts
Orrin H. Pilkey
Tidal Influence on Barrier Island Morphodynamics: Examples from Florida, USA
Richard A. Davis, Jr
The Effect of Sand Grain Size in the Aeolian Transport Processes of Transgressives Dunefields of the Coast of the Santa Catarina State, Brazil
Vintem, G; Tomazelli, L.J. and Klein, A.H.F
Development of a Washover Fan on a Transgressive Barrier, Skallingen, Denmark
N. Nielsen and J. Nielsen
Geological Signatures of Barrier Breaching and Overwash, Southern Massachusetts, USA
I. V. Buynevich and J. P. Donnelly
Barrier Progradation Related to Inlet Spacing and Migration Patterns
L.E. Budde and W.J. Cleary
The Recent Evolution of Storm-influenced Retrograding Barriers in Southeastern North Carolina, USA
S. D. Doughty, W.J. Cleary, and B.A. McGinnis
Morphologic Evolution of Similar Barrier Islands with Different Coastal Management
N.A. Elko and R.A. Davis, Jr
Stratigraphy and Evolution of a Prograded Transgressive Dunefield Barrier in Southern Brazil
S.R. Dillenburg, L.J. Tomazelli, E.G. Barboza, L.C.P. Clerot, D.B. da Silva, P.A. Hesp
Seasonal and Spatial Distribution of Sublittoral Soft-bottom Mollusks Assemblages at Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
C. L. T Mendes, A. Soares-Gomes and M. Tavares
Holocene Coastal Evolution of the Rio Açu Area (Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil)
K. Schwarzer, K. Stattegger, H. Vital, and M. Becker
Holocene Sea-level and Sedimentary Changes on the South Coast of Ireland
R. J. N. Devoy, A. M. Sinnott, and S. L. Nichol
Holocene Coastal Evolution of the Northern Rio Grande do Norte Coast, NE Brazil
K. Stattegger, L.H.O. Caldas, H. Vital
Coverage and Recruitment of the Edible Green Macroalga Gayralia sp. (Monostromataceae) in Paranaguá Bay, Southern Brazil
F.M. Pellizzari, E.C. Oliveira and N.S. Yokoya
Controls of Shore Platform Width: The Role of Rock Resistance Factors at Selected Sites in Japan and Wales, UK
P. Davies, T. Sunamura, I.Takeda, H.Tsujimoto, and A. T. Williams
The Meaning of Heavy Minerals in the Recent Sedimentary Record of the Douro Estuary (Portugal)
C. Fradique, J. Cascalho, T. Drago, F. Rocha, and T.Silveira
Environmental Aspects Related to the Physical Evolution of some Wetlands Along the Adriatic Coast of Apulia (Southern Italy): A Review
F. Boenzi, M. Caldara, L Pennetta, and O. Simone
Geomorphology of Irish Estuaries: Inherited and Dynamic Controls
J.A.G. Cooper
Negative Sea Level Oscillation in Bahía Blanca Estuary Related to a Global Climatic Change Around 2650 yr BP
E. A. Gómez, D. E. Martínez, C. M. Borel, G. R. Guerstein, and G.Cusminsky
Paleoenvironmental Evolution of Estuarine Systems During the Last 14000 Years – the Case of Douro Estuary (NW Portugal)
T. Drago,.C.Freitas, F.Rocha, J.Moreno, M.Cachão, F.Naughton, C.Fradique, F.Araújo, T.Silveira, A.Oliveira, J.Cascalho, and F.Fatela
Sub-recent Changes in Annual Average Water Level in the Shannon Estuary, Western Ireland
Treasa L. Sheehan and Michael G. Healy
Decadal Evolution of a Coastal Dune Field and Adjacent Beaches at North of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain)
I. Alonso, I. Sánchez, L. Cabrera, A.Benavides, J. Alcántara-Carrió, and J. Usera
Response of Eolian Ecosystems to Minor Climatic Changes
S. C. Marcomini and N. Maidana
Growth and Migration of Parabolic Dunes Along the Southeastern Coast of Lake Michigan
E.C.Hansen, A.F.Arbogast, D.Van Dijk, and B.Yurk
Alongshore Patterns of Shoreline Movements in Southern Brazil
L. S. Esteves, S. R. Dillenburg, and E. E. Toldo Jr.
Geomorphology and Sea-level Rise on one of Canada’s Most Sensitive Coasts: Northeast Graham Island, British Columbia
I. J. Walker and J. V. Barrie
Sedimentary Dynamics and Coastal Changes on the South Coast of Ireland
L. J. Swift, R. J. N. Devoy, A. J. Wheeler, G. D. Sutton, and J. Gault
Evolution of the Iberian Peninsula Coast and Recent Climatic Changes: Port Facilities and Coastal Defence in the Muslim Domain
V. Esteban, J. J.Díez, and P. Fernández
The Evolutionary Study of Environmental Conditions of The Guamaré Coast (Northeastern Brazil)
I. M. da Silveira, H. Vital, V. E. Amaro, M. E. Sousa, and M. S. Chaves
Sedimentary Records of Water Environment in Chaohu Lake, the Yangtze Delta Region, China
L. Du, C.L. YI, S.M. Pan, and P. Xie
Heavy Mineral Placer Formation – An Example From Algarve, Portugal
J. P.V. R. Cascalho and R. P. de M. Taborda
The Sines Sub-volcanic Intrusive Complex: Imprint on the Inner Shelf Sedimentary Cover (Sines, Portugal)
J. Pombo, J. Cascalho, A. Rodrigues, R. Taborda, and A. Oliveira
Geomorphologic Evolution of a Sand Spit Located in the Mouth of a Choked Coastal Lagoon - Lagoa dos Patos: Southern Brazil
J. A. Antiqueira, L. J. Calliari, and J. A. S. Fontoura
Reconstitution of the Late Holocene History of Santos Bay (Southeastern Brazil) Based on Bulk Organic Matter Characteristics
M. M. Fukumoto, M. M. Mahiques, and M. G. Tessler
Origin of Mud Deposits in a Wave Dominated Shallow Inner Continental Shelf of the State of Paraná Coast, Southern Brazil
F. A. Veiga , R. J. Angulo , F. Sá, L. L. R. Odreski, M. R. Lamour , and S. T. Disaró
Stratigraphic and Holocenic Evolution of the Submerged Platform of the Eastern Margin of the Lagoa dos Patos Lagoon, RS
E. G. Barboza, E. E. Toldo Jr., L. J. Tomazelli , S. R. Dillenburg, and R. N. Ayup-Zouain
Mapping Beachrock Fracturing and Erosion Using Small Format Aerial Photography in Northeastern Brazil
R. F. Amaral and F. H. R. Bezerra
Geological Evolution of Rio Grande do Sul Coastal Plain, Southern Brazil
L. J. Tomazelli, S. R. Dillenburg and J. A. Villwock
Effects of Climate Changes on the Late Pleistocene and Holocene Sediments of the Venice Lagoon, Italy
M. Bonardi, L. Tosi, F. Rizzetto, G. Brancolini, and L. Baradello
Geological Map of Brava Beach Coastal Plain, Itajaí, SC, Brazil
A. H. Amin Jr. , N. O. Horn Filho, R. M. Petermann , and F. L. Diehl
Evolution of the Holocenic Shoreline Santa Catarina State, Brazil: A Discussion
A. H. Amin Jr. and R. M. Petermann
Morphogenesis of the Coroa do Avião, a Sand Bank/Barrier Islet at Northeastern-Brazil
F. J. B. Mendonça, C. Medeiros, and M. Rollnic
High-resolution Seismic Survey in the Inner Continental Shelf Adjoinning at Center-north Coast of Santa Catarina State, Southern Brazil
G. N. de Abreu, M. M. de Mahiques, C. A. F. Schettini, A.H. da F. Klein, and D. Grabowski Neto
Shoreline Change Analysis Near Itapocú River Inlet, Barra Velha, Santa Catarina, Brazil (1978 to 2002)
J. T. de Menezes, A. K. Braga, G. C. S. Piérri , and A. H. da F. Klein
Historical Shoreline Changes Near Lagoonal and River Stabilized Inlets in Rio Grande do Sul State, Southern Brazil
R. J. F. Lélis and L. J. Calliari
Holocene Coastal Evolution and Facies Model of the Bragança Macrotidal Flat on the Amazon Mangrove Coast, Northern Brazil
P.W.M. Souza Filho, M.C.L. Cohen, R.J. Lara, G. C. Lessa, B. Koch, and H. Behling
Santa Catarina Coastal Province, Brazil: Geology, Geomorphology and Paleogeography
N.O. Horn Filho and F.L. Diehl
Quaternary Evolution of the Porto Belo Peninsula, Santa Catarina, Brazil
F.L. Diehl, N.O. Horn Filho, and A. H. Amin Júnior
Intra-tidal Beach Morphological Changes and Their Relationship with Sand Mixing Depth
R. Taborda, J. Cascalho, C. Sá-Pires
Morphodynamics of Intertidal Sand Bars: Field Studies in the Northern Adriatic, NE Italy
Y. Balouin, P. Ciavola, G. Anfuso, C. Armaroli, C. Corbau, and U. Tessari
Wave Transformation and Energy Dissipation in the Surf Zone: Comparison Between a Non-linear Model and Field Data
P. Bonneton, V. Marieu, H. Dupuis, N. Sénéchal, and B. Castelle
Beach Cut in Relation to Net Offshore Bar Migration
R.D. Shand, P.A. Hesp and M.J. Shepherd
Beach Volume Changes - Vertical Datum Definition
C. Sá-Pires, R. Taborda, Ó. Ferreira, and J. A. Dias
Crosshore Beach Profile Models – Application to Aveiro Coast
C. Coelho and F.Veloso-Gomes
Application of the Empirical Orthogonal Functions for the Analysis of Southern Brazilian Beach Profiles
R.C. Barletta, D. Franco, E. Melo, P. Pereira, and L.J. Calliari
Large Scale Morphodynamics Characterisation of Exposed Sandy Beaches by DGPS
P. Baptista, L. Bastos, C. Bernardes, and R. Taborda
Morphodynamic Classification of Beaches on the Atlantic Coast of Florida: Geographical Variability of Beach Types, Beach Safety and Coastal Hazards
L. Benedet., C.W. Finkl, and A.H.F Klein
Washouts in the Central and Northern Littoral of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil: Distribution and Implications
S.A. Figueiredo and L. J. Calliari
Sediment Budget Correlation with the Southern Oscilation Index of a Foredune Westward of Cabo Frio (Rio de Janeiro)
G.B. Fernandez and D. Muehe
Typology of Argentine Beaches: Composition, Tidal Range and Wave Energy
F. I. Isla, G. R. Bértola, G. G.Bujalesky, N. Iantanos, and E. Estrada
Small-scale Spatial Variations in Aeolian Sediment Transport on a Fine-sand Beach
N. L. Jackson, D.J. Sherman, P.A. Hesp, F. Ballasteros Jr., A.H.F. Klein, and K.F. Nordstrom
Process-Scaling Issues for Aeolian Transport Modelling in Field and Wind Tunnel Experiments: Roughness Length and Mass Flux Distributions
E.J. Farrell and D.J. Sherman
Coastal Dunes and Shoreface Width as a Function of Longshore Transport
E.E. Toldo Jr., J.L. Nicolodi, L.E.S.B.Almeida, I.C.S. Corrêa, and L.S. Esteves
Tidally Modulated Sediment Transport Processes on a Shore-Attached Sandbar
I. J. Marino Tapia, M.A. Davidson, K. Kingston, and P. Ganderton
Inlet Sediment Bypassing to a Downdrift Washover Plain
A.Vila-Concejo, A. Matias, Ó. Ferreira, J.M.A. Dias
Maximum Flow Velocity in Equilibrium Tidal Inlets
T. Suprijo and A. Mano
Field Observations of the Build-Up and Dissipation of Residual Pore Water Pressures in Seabed Sands Under the Passage of Storm Waves
S. Sassa, T. Takayama, M. Mizutani, and D. Tsujio
A Simple Technique for Estimating the Recovery Rate of a Subtropical Estuarine System after a Flood Event
C. Schacht and C. Lemckert
A Possible Solution to Rosales Harbour Excessive Siltation Rate (Bahía Blanca Estuary, Argentina)
D.G. Cuadrado, E. A. Gómez, J. O. Pierini, and G.A. Federico
Sedimentation in Babolsar and Pozm Fishery Ports in Iran
N. H. Zaker and A. Etemad-Shahidi
Sand Barrier Behavior Under Man-induced Inlet Relocation
S. Costas, I. Alejo, and M.A. Nombela
Turbulence Reduction by the Canopy of Coastal Spartina Salt-marshes
U. Neumeier and C. L. Amos
Morphological Changes of Tidal Flats at the German North Sea Coast Induced by Tidal Asymmetry
N.E. Asp
Sediment Dispersal Patterns on the Northern Gulf of Cadiz Shelf: Which Areas are Influenced by Anthropogenic Sand Starvation
R. Gonzalez and J.M.A. Dias
On the Circulation of a Coastal Channel Within the Abrolhos Coral-Reef System - Southern Bahia (17°40’ S), Brazil
G. C. Lessa and M. Cirano
Sedimentary Dynamics of the Southern Shelf of Madeira (Portugal)
A Rodrigues, A. Oliveira, R Fonseca, R Taborda, and J. Cascalho
Mobility and Transport Directions of Residual Sediments on Abrasion Platforms in Front of Active Cliffs (Southwestern Baltic Sea)
K. Schrottke, K. Schwarzer, and P. Fröhle
Sediment Incipience in Turbulence Generated in a Square Tank by a Vertically Oscillating Grid
C. Liu, H. Aode, L. Tão
Sponge Spicules in Sediments Indicate Evolution of Coastal Freshwater Bodies
C. Volkmer-Ribeiro, D. da Motta Marques, R. De Rosa-Barbosa, and V. S. Machado
An Integrated Study of Shoreline Variability Using GIS and ARGUS Techniques
C. Armaroli, P. Ciavola, Y.Balouin, and M. Gatti
Combining Video Imaging and Numerical Modelling for the Extraction of Intertidal Morphology
E. Siegle, D. Huntley, and M.A. Davidson
Nested Radar Systems for Remote Coastal Observations
P.S. Bell, S. Clark, and J.J. Williams
Depth Compensation for Pressure Transducer Measurements of Boat Wakes
J.T. Ellis, D.J. Sherman, and B.O. Bauer
On the Prediction of Dunes in Estuarine Morphological Models
Andreas Malcherek
Meso-scale Morphodynamics of the Eider Estuary: Analysis and Numerical modelling
Christian Winter
A Shoreface Morphodynamic Zonation and the Equilibrium Profile Variability on the Northern Coastline of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
N. L.S. Gruber, E.E.Toldo, E. G. Barboza, J. L. Nicolodi, R.N. Ayup-Zouain
Processes and Patterns of Sedimentation at Blind Pass, Florida
D. K. Tidwell and P. Wang
Fine Sediment Transport Modes in the Itajaí-Açu Estuary, Southern Brazil
C. A. F. Schettini and E. E. Toldo Júnior
Location of Turbidity Maxima Within a Microtidal Estuary and some Limitations of Laser in situ Particle Sizing
S. Hunt, C. J. Lemckert, and C. Schacht
Chlorophyll a and Phytoplankton Maximum at the Halocline of Ebro River Estuary
S. Falco, I. Romero, M. Rodilla, J.P. Sierra, J. G. Del Rio, C. Mosso, and M. C. Pérez
Temporal Evaluation of the Contaminated Plume Dispersion at Barra da Tijuca Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
D.M. Wai Zee and C. M. Sabino
Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Estuaries
E. Jabbari, R. Bozorgi, A. Etemad-Shahidi
Small Scale Beach Rotation Process on a Reflective Beach
C. C. Martins and M. M. de Mahiques
The Low Frequency Sea Level Oscillations in the Northern Coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil
E. C. Truccolo, C. A. F. Schettini, and D. Franco
Circulation and Hidrography of Santo Amaro Bight, Guarujá (SP), Brazil
R. L. Mello and L. B. de Miranda
Fine sediment accumulation in a harbor protected by a breakwater of surface-piercing type
J. L. Lee and M. R. Oh
The Stability of Camacho Inlet, Santa Catarina, Brazil
D. Borderes de Oliveira, J.L.B. de Carvalho, A.H. da F. Klein
Considerations Regarding Shoreline Morphology Variation at an Inlet in Southern Brazil
M. R. Lamour , L.L.R. Odreski, and C. R. Soares
Evolution and Dynamic of Itamambuca Beach and Comparative Evaluation of Morphodynamic Studies of Beaches
S. N. Hurtado, S.Cazzoli y Goya, and M. G. Tessler
Recent Evolution of Faro Channel and its Association to Dredging Operations (Algarve, Portugal)
A. Pacheco, A.R. Carrasco , A. Vila-Concejo, Ó. Ferreira , and J.A.Dias
Evaluation of Sand Transport Models by in Situ Observations Under Unidirectional Flow
E. A. Gómez , C. L. Amos, M. Z. Li
Submarine Shore-Connected Sand Bank Monitored by Means of Satellite Images in the External Zone of Bahía Blanca Estuary, Argentina
M. Natali, E. A. Gómez, D. G. Cuadrado, and G. R. Angeles
Short-term Morphodynamics of Intertidal Bars – The Case of Areão Beach (Aveiro, Northwest Portugal)
S. Rey and C. Bernardes
Beach Morphodynamic of the Serra Oil Field, Northeastern Brazil
M. S. Chaves, H. Vital, and I. M. Silveira
Morphodynamic Variability of the Galinhos Spit, Northeastern Brazil
Z. M.C. Lima, H. Vital, and W. F. Tabosa
Support of Subtidal Tracer Studies to Quantify the Complex Morphodynamics of a River Outlet: The Bevano, NE Italy
Y. Balouin, P. Ciavola, and D. Michel
Field Determination of Sediment Transport Patterns: A Case Study from Patos Beach (Northwest Spain)
S. Rey, I. Alejo, I. Alonso, and J. Alcántara-Carrió
Seasonal Variations and Controlling Factors of Aeolian Transport at Atlântida Sul Beach, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
L. L. Tabajara, L. E.S.B.Almeida, and V.F. Fonseca
Morphology, Vegetation and Sand Fence Influence on Sand Mobility of the Foredune System of Atlântida Sul Beach, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
L. L. Tabajara, S. R. Dillenburg, and E. G. Barboza
Summer Variation of the Morfhology and the Pionner Vegetation of the Foredune in Santinho Beach, Santa Catarina, SC, Brazil
J. R. V. Peixoto, N. O. Horn Filho, T.T. Castellani, and U. R. de Oliveira
Morphosedimentary Aspects of the Pântano do Sul-Açores Arc Beach, Santa Catarina Island, SC, Brazil
U. R. de Oliveira, N. O. Horn Filho and J. R. V. Peixoto
Volume II
Failure Mechanisms of a Coastal Cliff in Rio Grande do Norte State, NE Brazil
O. F. Santos Jr., R. F. Amaral and A. C. Scudelari
Effects of Sediment Accumulation on Reef Corals from Abrolhos, Bahia, Brazil
L. X. C. Dutra, R. K. P. Kikuchi, and Z. M. A. N. Leão
The Sines cape and its influence on the littoral sediment transport (Sines, Portugal)
C. I. Luz, A. Rodrigues, A. Oliveira, J. Duarte, A. Morgado, and R. Taborda
Topographic Changes in Two Highly Sheltered Beaches, Casa Caiada and Rio Doce–PE (Brazil)
L. C. C. Pereira, C. Medeiros, J. A. Jiménez, and R. A. M. da Costa
Circulation of the Coastal Waters off Boa Viagem, Piedade and Candeias Beaches – Pernambuco, Brazil
M. Rollnic and C. Medeiros
Assessment of Santa Catarina Shelf Currents Through the Analysis of Indirect Measurements
F. M. Pimenta, E. Melo, D. Franco, and P. O. Zavialov
Morphodynamic Aspects and El Niño Oscillations in Ingleses Beach, Santa Catarina Island, Southern Brazil
K. R. Faraco, J. Abreu de Castilhos and N. O. Horn Filho
Foreshore Morphodynamic Changes in a Bimodal Sediment Beach
E. Nuber, A. H. da F. Klein, and L. J. Calliari
Morphodynamic Limits of Shoreface and Inner Shelf at the Northern Coast of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
N. L. Gruber , I.C.S. Corrêa , J. L. Nicolodi,and Barboza, E.G.
Morphological Analysis of Beach Through Global System Position
M. P. Freitas, J. T. Menezes, M. P. Langui, G. Vintém and A. H. da F. Klein
Morphological and depositional facies of transgressive dunefields in the Imbituba-Jaguaruna region, Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil
C. T. Martinho, P. C. F. Giannini, A. O Sawakuchi, and P. A. Hesp
Washover Geomorphology on a Barrier Spit, Skallingen, Denmark
J. Nielsen and N. Nielsen
Dynamics of Large-Scale Vortices in the Near Shore
N. Bonneton, D. Sous, P. Bonneton , and J. Sommeria
Nearshore Waves and Currents over Crescentic Bars
B.Castelle and P. Bonneton
Effect of Planform Equilibrium State in the Sedimentology of Headland Bay Beaches
G. Miot da Silva, L.E.S. de B. Almeida, and A.H.F. Klein
Dynamics of a tropical estuary: Curimataú River, NE Brazil
L. B. de Miranda , A. L. Bérgamo, and C. A. Ramos e Silva
Itajaí-açu River Estuary (Santa Catarina, Brazil): Preliminary Budget for Dissolved Inorganic Nutrients
J. Pereira Filho, L.C. Spillere, and C.A.F. Schettini
The Impact of an Extreme Flood Upon the Mixing Zone of the Todos os Santos Bay, Northeastern Brazil
F. Genz , G.C. Lessa, and M. Cirano
Sedimentation Rates and Contamination Levels by Heavy Metals at the Shallow Sedimentary Columns from Santos Estuary and Bay, SP – Brazil
M. G. Tessler, R. C. L. Figueira, M. M. Mahiques, M. M. Fukumoto, and E. M. P. Ciapina
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Suspended Sediments Concentration in Ria de Aveiro Lagoon and Fluxes between the Lagoon and the Ocean
I. Abrantes, J. M. Dias, and F. Rocha
Dissolved Nutrient, Chlorophyll a and DOC Dynamic under Distinct Riverine Discharges and Tidal Cycles Regimes at the Paraíba do Sul River Estuary, R.J., Brazil
G.C.T. Krüger , C.E.V de Carvalho, M. S. Suzuki
Urbanization Impact on Subtropical Estuaries: a Comparative Study of Mangrove Pelagic Systems in Urban Areas and in Conservation Units
P. R. Pagliosa, A. Fonseca, F. A. R. Barbosa, E. Braga
Hydrochemical Characteristics of the Caravelas River Estuary and Surrounding Sea Zone, Brazil
M. Travassos, G. T. Krüger , E. B. P. Lopes , and J. A. Pinto
Seawall Impacts on Adjacent Beaches: Separating Fact From Fiction
David R. Basco
Wave Interaction With Floating Wave Energy Caisson Breakwaters
S. Neelamani, R. Natarajan, D.L. Prasanna
Performance of Perforated Breakwaters Contructed with Geotextile Tubes
A.C. Yalciner, A Ergin, S. Pamukcu, and B. A. Derun
Stability of Armour Layer over Sand Bed in Waves/Currents: A Case Study
S. Cokgor, M. S. Kabdasli, V. S. O. Kirca, A. Aydingakko, AND N. E. Unal
Beach Dynamics in the Presence of a Low-crested Structure. The Altafulla Case
A. Sánchez-Arcilla, J. P. Sierra, I. Cáceres, D. González, J. M. Alsina, F. Montoya, and J. Galofré
Evolutive Trends of Nourished Beaches in SW Spain
J. Benavente, G. Anfuso, L. Del Rio, F.J. Gracia, and J.L Reyes
Assessment of a gravel nourishment project fronting a seawall at Marina di Pisa, Italy
C. Cammelli, N. L. Jackson, K. F. Nordstrom, and E. Pranzini
Monitoring the Nourishment of Santo Amaro Estuarine Beach (Portugal)
C. Andrade, F. Lira, M.T. Pereira, R. Ramos, J. Guerreiro, and M. C. Freitas
Comparison of Marine Sediment Extraction Sites by Means of Shoreface Zonation
M. Diesing, K. Schwarzer, M. Zeiler, and H. Klein
Model of Tidal Inlet and Barrier Island Dynamics in a Regime of Accelerated Sea Level Rise
D. M. FitzGerald, B. Argow, and I. Buynevich
Long term Volumetric Evolution of an Exploited Sandbank. Case Study on the Coastal Belgian North Sea Kwintebank
A. Norro and J.Ozer
Impact of a Disposal Area of Dredged Sediment in front of a Beach
F. S. B. F. Oliveira
Seasonal Changes of the Profile of Intertidal Flats
T. Kakinoki, K. Takikawa, and F. Yamada
Laboratory Investigation of Bedform Dynamics and Resuspension of Sandy Sediments at Field Scale
J.J. Williams and P. S. Bell
Measuring Longshore Sediment Transport in a Large-Scale 3-Dimensional Laboratory Facility
Ping Wang
A Conceptual Model for Designing Canal Estates to Maximise Water Quality
Charles J. Lemckert
Implementation of Forced Tangential Aeration Technique for the Recovery of the Guanabara Bay-Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Preliminary Overview of the TAGUBAR Project
Paola Almeida Guerra
Experimental Observation on the Discharge of Dense Waste Liquid in the Two-Layer Stratified Coastal Water
Bao-Shi Shiau and Ben-Jue Tsai
Evolution of a Beach Nourishment Project at Mar del Plata
S. C. Marcomini and R. A. López
Strong Reflection of Sinusoidal Waves Due to Trapezoidal Submerged Porous Breakwaters
Y-S Cho, C-H Jeon, J-I Lee, B-H Lee
Shoreline Evolution and Protection Strategies along the Tuscany Coastline, Italy
E. Pranzini and E.J. Farrell
Gabions for the Protection of Caponga Beach, Ceará Brazil: Hazards and Management
J. O. Morais, L. S. Pinheiro, C. Medeiros, and E.S. Pitombeira
Gabions, a Poor Design for Shore Hardening: The Puerto Rico Experience
C. W. Jackson , D. M. Bush, and W. J. Neal
Effect of Shore Protection Structures (groins) on São Miguel Beach, Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil
L. do Nascimento and A. A. Lavenère-Wanderley
Environmental Impacts of the Nourishment of Balneário Camboriú Beach, SC, Brazil
P. R. Pezzuto, C. Resgalla Jr, J. G. N. Abreu, and J. T. Menezes
Morphology and Sedimentary Characterization of a Nourishment Project at Navegantes Beach
J. T. de Menezes and A. H. da F. Klein
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Breeding Habitat of Terns and Gulls on Ile Aux Oiseaux off the Coast of Senegal
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10 Years After the Rio Summit The Assessment of Portuguese Coastal Zone Planning System
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Monitoring the Foredune Restoration by Fences at Buenos Aires Coast
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Ecotourism as a Tool for the Conservation of Endangered Species in the Coastal Region of Santa Catarina, Brazil
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Factors Affecting the Surfactant Properties of Humic Acids
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Ontogenetic and Seasonal Variation in the Diet of Marimbá, Diplodus argenteus (Valenciennes, 1830) (Pisces, Sparidae) Associated with the Beds of Sargassum cymosum C. Agardh, 1820 (Phaeophyta) at Ponta das Garoupas, Bombinhas, Santa Catarina
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The Relation of Algal Availability and Food Preferences in the Field Diet of the Equinoid Echinometra lucunter on a Rocky Shore in Southeast Brazil
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Empty Mussel Shells on Mariculture Ropes as Potential Nest Places for the Blenny Hypleurochilus fissicornis (Perciformes: Blenniidae)
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Temporal Dynamic of the Dissolved Nutrients and the Eutrophization Processes in a Southern Brazilian Coastal Lagoon, Conceição Lagoon
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Estimative of the Biomass and Determination of Chemical Parameters of the Stranded Seaweeds Hypnea and Sargassum on João da Cunha Island (Porto Belo, Sc) and their Potential Use as Manure
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Structure and Succession of the Surf-Zone Phytoplankton In Cassino Beach, Southern Brazil
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Vegetative Propagation of the Dune Building Plant Ipomoea Pes-caprae for Use in Dune Rehabilitation Projects
A. Gomes Neto, S.R.da Cunha, and E.L. Voigt
Volume III
Viability and Germination of Seeds and Initial Development of the Pioneer Dune Plant Ipomoea pes-caprae
M. W. da Silva and E. L. Voigt
Ecological Restauration of Coastal Sand Dunes in South Korea
K.D. Kim and K. Ewing
Catch Composition and Biodiversity Fish Community from Trawl Fishery Catches in the Central Mediterranean Sea
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Analysis of Income Sources of Fishers’ Families on the Coast of the State of Paraná, Brazil
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Small-scale Fishing Landings on the Coast of the State of Paraná, Brazil, from 1975 to 2000, with Emphasis on Shrimp Data
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Usage Patterns of an Artificial Reef by the Fish Community on the Northern Coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Considerations about Ucides cordatus cordatus Fishing in the Parnaíba River Delta Region, Brazil
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The Squid loligo plei around Santa Catarina Island, Southern Brazil: Ecology and Interactions with the Coastal Oceanographic Environment
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Testing Open-Water Cultivation Techniques to Gracilaria domingensis (Rhodophyta, Gracilariales) in Santa Catarina, Brazil
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Fishing for Responses: A Local Experts Consultation Approach on the Brazilian Sardine Fishery Sustainability
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Biological and Economic Subsidies for rational Exploration of the Sea-urchin Echinometra locunter (I., 1758)
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Implementation of the Norm ABNT ISO 14001 in a Shrimp Farming Industry
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Coastal Erosion on the Rio Grande do Norte State (Northeastern Brazil): Causes and Factors versus Effects and Associated Processes
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Coastal Land-Loss Associated with Sea-Level Rise Assessed by Aerial Videotape-Assisted Vulnerability Analysis: The Case of Mainland Portugal
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Understanding Vulnerability of Coastal Communities to Climate Change Related Risks
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The Relantionship between Long-Term and Short-Term Morphodynamics in an Oceanic Sand Beach: Implications for fast Determination of Depositional and Erosional Sites
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Impact Assessment of Hurricane Isidore in the Yucatán Península: The Case of Campeche
E. Rivera-Arriaga, and G.Villalobos-Zapata
The Historical City of Paranaguá and the Garbage Problem
S.E.V. de C. Ramos and M. Fuckner
Brazilian Experience on TBT pollution: Lessons for Future Studies
Marcos Antônio dos S. Fernandez
Ship Hulls and Oil Platforms as Potential Vectors to Marine Especies Introduction
C.E.L. Ferreira, J.E.A. Gonçalves, and R. Coutinho
Oceanographic Applications to Eutrophication in Tidal, Coastal Lagoons, the Ria Formosa, Portugal
A. Newton and J. Icely
Tracking Past Sedimentary Records of Oxygen Depletion in Coastal Waters: Use of the Ammonia-Elphidium Foraminiferal Index
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Patos Lagoon: Indicators of Organic Pollution
L.F.H. Niencheski, M.G.Z. Baumgarten, L. Cabrera, and S.K. Juliano
Marine Modeling in the Caribbean Sea: A Tool for Integrated Adaptive Resource Management
A. Singh and L. Mee
M-SHORECIRC: A Morphodynamic Model
S. Fachin and F. Sancho
Effects of Shrimp Trawling Upon Macrobenthic Fauna in Patos Lagoon Estuary
L. G. Angonesi and C. E. Bemvenuti
Correlation Between Total Bacteria and Inorganic Nutrients in Water of Camboriú River and Beach (Brazil)
P. F. S. Costódio, K. N. Kuroshima, and M. A. B. Barreiros
Chemical and Microbiological Evaluation in Bathing Waters from Itajaí, Balneário Camboriú and Itapema Cities (Brazil)
K.N. Kuroshima, M.A.B. Barreiros, P. F.S Costódio, P.H. Bellaver, and L. Laçava
Assessing the Impacts of Organotin Compounds in Ilha Grande Bay, (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): Imposex and a Multiple-Source Dispersion Model
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The Role of Sediment Source in Beach Management. A Case Study from Cíes Islands (NW Spain)
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Foraminifera as Proxies in Environmental Diagnostic in Guanabara Bay, RJ
E. da R. M. Pereira, P.P.B. Eichler, and B.B. Eichler
Slope Stability Avaliation of a Sand Dune Field on Coastal Zone of Natal(RN) and it Relation with the Urban Occupation without Manegemant
A.P. de Jesus, R. F. do Amaral, O.F. Santos Júnior
Erosive Processes Monitoring Linked to the Estuarine Evolution Systems Nearby Águas Belas, Cascavel-CE, Brazil
L. S.Pinheiro., C. Medeiros, and J. O. Morais
Detection of Environmental Impact on Variations in Dissolved Nutrients and Chl-a in the Conceição Lagoon, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil
M. L. S. Fontes, R. Cavellucci, A. Laurenti, E. Machado, M. G. Camargo and N. Brandini
Microfabrics of Lacustrine Sediments to Pollutant Adsorption from a Polluted, Eutrophic Lake, the Yangtze Delta Region
C.L. Yi, J. Boyle, N. L. Rose, and P. Xie
Effect of Domestic Pollution on the distribution of Nitrogeneous and Phosphorus Species in the coastal Mediterranean Region in Front of the Eastern Harbor of Alexandria, Egypt
M.A.H. Saad and W.A.N. Younes
Tidal and Subtidal Propagation in Two Atlantic Estuaries: Patos Lagoon (Brazil) and Ria de Aveiro Lagoon (Portugal)
J. M. Dias, and E. H. Fernandes
Use of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System in the Determination of the Natural and Environmental Vulnerability of the Municipal District of Guamaré - Rio Grande do Norte - Northeast of Brazil
A.M. Grigio, A.F. de Castro, M.V.S. Souto, V.E. Amaro, H. Vital, and M. A. Diodato
Understanding Circulation Patterns in Balneario Camboriu’s Bight/Santa Catarina State/Brazil Using Numerical Models: Preliminary Results
C.O. Horita, F.M.P. Tena, and A.P. Lima Neto
Modeling and Development of a Geographic Database: Application to the Elaboration of Oil-Spill Environmental Sensitivity Maps in Coastal Areas of the Rio Grande do Norte State
A. M. Grigio, A. F. de Castro, M. V. S. Souto, V. E. Amaro, and H. Vital, M.A. Diodato
Assessment of Sediment Quality South of Ras Al-Ardh and Northern Territorial Waters, Kuwait, Northern Arabian Gulf
A.A. El-Sammak, A.N. Al-Ghadban, and M.U. Beg
Hydrodynamic and Morpho-Sedimentary Characterization of the Potengi Estuary and Adjacent Areas (NE Brazil): Subsidies Towards Oil Spilling Environmental Control
E. P. Frazão and H. Vital
Experimental Study of Oil Impact and Its Consequences Upon Benthic Macrofauna in the Estuary of Patos Lagoon (RS-Brazil)
M. S. Gandra, C. E. Bemvenuti and L. G. Angonesi
Environmnet Sensitivity Mapping and Vulnerability Modeling for Oil Spill Response along the São Paulo State Coastline
S.L. Carmona, D.F.M. Gherardi, and M.G. Tessler
Evaluation of the Impacts of Petroleum Hydrocarbonates in the Reproductive cycle of Avicenia shaueriana, Rizophora mangle, and Laguncularia racemosa in Brazilian Mangroves
L.N. Costa and L.S. Alves
An Improved General Dual Reciprocity Boundary Element Model for Wave Scattering by a Truncated Shoal
H-W. Liu and P. Lin
Wave Characterization for the Diagnosis of Semi-Submerged Structures
A.B. Coli, J.A. Santos, and R. Capitão
The Use of a Nearshore Wave Model in Identifying Shoreline Change at Station Beach, La Brea, Trinidad
N. Gopaul, and C.O’Brien-Delpesh
Non-steady Effects in Sand Transport
P.A. Silva and A. Temperville
Bed Profile Changes due to Tsunami Effects on Near Shore Coasts: Tuzla Case Study
S.O. Kirca and M.S. Kabdasli
A Geostatistical GIS Model to Identify Cadmium and Zinc Contamination Risk Areas in Sediments of Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
L.F. de N. Vianna
Application of Geographical Information Systems on Portuguese Coastal Projects
J. Pais-Barbosa, F. Veloso-Gomes, and F. Taveira-Pinto
Monitoring of Coastal Dynamics in French Guiana From 16 Years of Spot Satellite Images
A. Gardel and N. Gratiot
Reliability Analysis of Rubble Mound Breakwaters by Neural Network Model
C. E. Balas and M.L. Koc
Fuzzy Agents: A Hybrid Tool for Exploring Coastal Zone Spatial Processes
R.M. Sperb and R.B. Cabral
Litter Categorization of Beaches in Wales, UK by Multi-Layer Neural Networks
C.E. Balas, A.T. Williams, A. Ergin, and M.L. Koc
Numerical Simulation of Boston Outfall in Stagnant Ambient Current
A.Etemad-Shahidi, A.H. Azimi and N. Hadjizadeh Zaker
A Bacterial Decay Model for Coastal Outfall Plumes
J.L.B. Carvalho, R.C. Feitosa, P.C.C. Rosman, and P.J.W. Roberts
3-D Numerical Modelling of Transport Processes in Bay of Fethiye, Turkey
L. Balas and A. Kücükosmanoglu
Eutrophication of Sediments in the Cullera Bay: Composition and Abundance of Macrobenthos
M. Rodilla; E. Martí; S. Falco; J.G. DelRío; J.P. Sierra and A. Sánchez-Arcilla
Time Dependent Response of a Coastal Upwelling Region: A Finite Element Model
C.A.A. Carbonel Huaman and A.C.N. Galeão
Computational Modelling of Mangrove Effects on the Hydrodynamics of Vitoria Bay, Espírito Santo Brazil
D. Rigo and J.T.A. Chacaltana
Coastal Bays as a Sink for Pollutants and Sediment
M. Mestres, A. Sánchez-Arcilla, J.P. Sierra, C. Mösso, P.R.A. Tagliani, O. O. Möller, and L.F.H. Niencheski
Molluscan Shellfish Bacterial Contamination in Rio Formosa Costal Lagoon: A Modelling Approach
F. Martins, M.P. Reis, R. Neves, A.P. Cravo, A. Brito, and A. Venâncio
Morphologically Induced Changes in the Circulation of the Patos Lagoon Estuary Brazil
R.V. Schiller, R.O. Cecílio, and E.H.L. Fernandes
Numerical Modeling of the Hydrodynamics in the Coastal Area of São Paulo State Brazil
J. Harari, R. Camargo, C.A.S. França, A. R. Mesquita, and S.S. Picarelli
Modelling of Fine-Grained Sediment Transport and Dredging Material Dumpings at the Belgian Continental Shelf
D. Van den Eynde and M. Fettweis
Wave Induced Flow and Hydraulic Performances of Porous Seawall
M.F. Karim and K. Tanimoto
Computational Modelling and Field Experiments for Studying the Spreading of Oil Slicks in Vitória Bay Channel, Brazil
C.A. Conceição Filho, A.S.F. Mendonça, J.T. A. Chacaltana, D. Rigo, and C.T. Edmilson
3D Numerical Modeling of Pollution Dispersion in Harbor
S-T. Wu and L. Tao
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